A good hand cleanser is crucial if you work in an industrial environment where your hands are going to be covered in grease. There are a ton of heavy-duty hand soaps and Industrial hand soap available in the market but are they effective? We gathered some hand cleansers that work the best to remove all the grim and dirty of your hands and also which does not leave your hands sore. Grease is harmful to anyone it is best that you wear a glove before touching any grease. Some top heavy-duty hand soap for the grease who does not seen to go are:


Permatex Fast Orange Smooth

Permatex does not contain pumice which makes it softer on the skin, but you might want to wash your hand at least twice with this hand-soap as some grime might stay back even after washing your hand. Although the smell is bad, it works it magic and gets the dirt out.


Permatex Hand Cleaner with Aloe and Lanolin

Permatex hand cleanser with aloe and lanolin is a scoop style cleanser, where you scoop out some soap and wash your hand.The smell of Permatex hand cleaner with aloe and lanolin is bad but it can removed all the grime in one go.

WD-40 Lave Liquid Pump

WD-40 Lava liquid pump is a thick and very gritty hand cleanser. It offers good cleaning power as it has a pumice in it, which can help you remove all of the grime in your hands, make sure that you don’t scrub your hand too hard.

Permatex Fast Orange Pumice

A regular at everyone’s garages is Permatex Fast Orange Pumice, the pump makes it convenient for the product to come out. The watery consistency washes out all the grease without having to deal with the harshness of pumice.


Permatex Lemon Lime Grease Grabber

Permatex Lemon Lime Grease Grabber has gelatinous consistency which is green in colour, it grabs on to the oils and grease and leaves your hands squeaky clean with only one wash. Do not get fooled with the name ‘lemon lime’ as the scent of the product is bad, but works the best out of all mentioned in the list.

GOJO Cherry Gel

GOJO cherry gel takes the prize for the best smelling heavy duty soap cleanser in the market. The fragrance of this soap is irresistible, and it leaves your hand clean in just one wash and leaving your hands smelling like cherries . GOJO cherry gel has an effective scrub which is not abrasive but works well. Although the bottle gets slick when you pick it up, but the product inside is what that matters, right!

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